Introducing The Garage Roof Replacement Kit

Each garage roof replacement kit comprises of all the components to replace the roof cladding entirely whilst retaining the internal steelwork and fascias. Our garage roof replacement kits offer durable pre-cut steel plastisol sheets and are supplied with fastenings, foam filler and conversion brackets. You may choose from a range of popular colours including grey, green, brown, terracotta and mushroom and each roof sheets is anti-condensation lined.

Designed specifically for the Compton Apex models Spar Apex, Viceroy, Ambassador, Marlborough and Balmoral (other models, brands and roof styles catered for, price upon application).

Our garage roof replacement kits are installed with the minimal of fuss, leave your contents and electrics in place.

Telephone support available 6 days.

Also enquire about our nationwide garage roof replacement installation service, licensed asbestos removal, garage door and window replacement.

Your current roof may contain traces of asbestos, always handle with care.